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Dinner in Lisbon

The Insólito

We heard a lot of good things about the Insólito so we decided to go check it out. The restaurant is located in the Bairro Alto, a beautiful neighbourhood in the south west of Lisbon with a lot of restaurants and bars around. The Insólito has one of the most amazing rooftops in Lisbon and the atmoshpere has some magic to it. The place is at the same time a rooftop bar and a restaurant with a very individualistic style. From the inside area you can watch the chefs at work while from the outside you can enjoy the great view on the lights of the city. Continue Reading

Green Sayulita Smoothie
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The Green Sayulita Smoothie

Today, spring is slowly but surely coming to town. A great time to sit outside in the sun and enjoy a delicious smoothie. I used to drink this green smoothie every day while I was living in Sayulita, a little Mexican surfer village. So that is why I called it the Green Sayulita Smoothie. It has been already one year now, but my love for this healthy energy bomb continuous also here in Zurich and that is why I definitely need to share this recipe with you. Continue Reading

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Am I a vegan? Yes…and no

Today’s blog post is a little about how I became a part-time (or weekday) vegan. Many people have asked me how I eat, what I eat and why I eat this and that and this not and so on. In this post I’m explaining why I came to this solution that for me fits best at the moment. Continue Reading

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Lisbon in 48 hours

At the end of January, the winter blues suddenly found and end. Lisbon here we come. We have exactly 48 hours and we want to see, visit, photograph and eat as much as possible!  Continue Reading

Vegan coconut Broccoli soup
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Creamy coconut broccoli soup – vegan & alkaline

This is the perfect green soup for winter days and my favorite dinner after a late workout. It is loaded with fibres, vitamins and plant protein to provide your body with the necessary nutrients. The preparation time for this soup is only 15 minutes and you could also easily prepare it in advance and store it in the freezer to heat up when you need a quick meal.  Continue Reading

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Coffee time at Bovelli

Saturday morning.

One of my favorite things to start the weekend is to go to a nice and cozy café and enjoy a good coffee. It’s just the perfect way to catch up with my friends, read a good book, make plans and simply spend some quality time. But as always when you move to a new city, I was a bit clueless at first. Hello Zurich, nice to meet you. But where to go now for my Saturday morning coffee? Continue Reading

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Surprising health benefits of cinnamon

10 Reasons why cinnamon is great for your body & health

Cinnamon has been used around the world for thousands of years. We mostly know it as the bark (cinnamon stick) or as the ground spice (cinnamon powder). Today, its most popular use is in the kitchen for the taste, but also its medicinal use has a longstanding tradition.

I have to admit I was not always such a huge fan of the taste of cinnamon. But when I started to read about nutrition, cinnamon appeared in so many recipes and everyone was praising its impressive health benefits. So I got curious and started to research about that superfood spice. Continue Reading

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Vegan Coconut Curry – healthy and quick

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Sometimes it has to go quick, but you still want to eat healthy. Try out this super quick, tasty Vegan Coconut Curry recipe. It’s also great to bring with you in a plastic container (like a Tupperware). I used to prepare this in the evening and bring it for lunch the other day. If you have a microwave at school or work you can simply heat it up. Or eat it cold as a salad, it still tastes great. Continue Reading