About me

11836664_10153628300348619_5073097684534915146_n (1)Hi guys, I’m Vera. I was born and raised in Switzerland, a country with which I’ve always had this love-hate relationship. I’m a summer child. I love warm weather, beaches, little street cafés and riding my bike around the city. Unfortunately, the Swiss winter is cold and grey and yah, it’s also never ending. So that is how I developed my passion for traveling, especially to warm and exotic countries. While traveling I enjoy adapting to new cultures and living like a local in foreign places. The country I love most? Mexico lindo y querido. I just lost my heart to that country, can’t help it.

My second passion is the love of food. l love cooking and experimenting with food. I’m obsessed with reading, cooking and creating vegan recipes. I am also very interested in all different types of nutrition and the philosophy behind it (alkaline, vegan, gluten-free, low carb, metabolic, keto, …) and spend hours reading about it.

Nothing is worse than not having new projects and challenges in life. That’s why every day should be a quest to learn and grow.  Karma Foodie is a place where I like to share all the exciting, sad, crazy, stupid and funny things on my travel and food journey.

I’m excited you’re here and can’t wait to read your comments, questions and suggestions!