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Am I a vegan? Yes…and no

Today’s blog post is a little about how I became a part-time (or weekday) vegan. Many people have asked me how I eat, what I eat and why I eat this and that and this not and so on. In this post I’m explaining why I came to this solution that for me fits best at the moment. However this is not static, I’m also changing my eating habits, I read a lot about nutrition, I adapt my eating behaviour, I experiment with food, I just like to try different things out.

For the time being – I’m a part-time vegan and follow an alkaline nutrition. That means I have a vegan lifestyle during the week from Monday to Friday, and on the weekends I would also eat non-vegan and non-alkaline food, if I feel like it. And no – It’s not like I’m dying for Friday to arrive so I can eat whatever I want. Usually, I don’t drastically change my eating habits on the weekends. I might go out for a sushi dinner or drink a cappuccino with regular cow milk. But it’s not like I would start binging on meat and dairy products on the weekend.
I like to think of it in a way that I decide every day newly to eat what I feel like. I don’t have to avoid meat. I don’t have to avoid eggs or dairy products. But for the time being, I most of the time want to. I take this decision everyday. So, if people ask me if I am a vegan I have to answer: sometimes yes and sometimes no. I’m a part-time vegan. Why not?

If you are interested in reading about the topic of veganism or alkaline nutrition, have a look at the below mentioned books and links. Those were the ones that I read and felt extremely inspiring and helpful when I first started to read about vegan & alkaline nutrition.


Basenfasten – Sabine Wacker
Vegan für Einsteiger – Ruediger Dahlke
Vegan schlank – Ruediger Dahlke

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  • Reply Slow•o•lution April 18, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    I can completely relate! I was never the one to believe or try out new diets. I have always believed in healthy and balanced nutrition. A few years ago, after reading a booked called “The Beauty Detox Foods” by Kimberly Snyder, I completely changed my diet – her philosophy just made sense to me, so I gave up meat, dairy products, and started drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie ® every morning. The changes in the energy levels and overall wellbeing are just amazing! But I still wouldn’t consider myself a vegan, because every once in a while (may be once in six months) I feel like having a pizza, or an ice cream…….and I have it and simply enjoy every bite:)

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