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Coconut oil: 10 ways of using it in everyday life

Coconut oil is something that I just recently discovered but now could not think of a life without it. This oil has a lot of benefits, not only when cooking with it but also for external use on your hair and skin. It is made up of medium chain tryglicerides (MCT’s) and saturated fat. So the good type of fat which has a lot of positive impacts on your body and gives you energy (instead of storing it as fat). Yay!

There are countless ways how you can use coconut oil, this is the list of my top 10…

1. Cook and bake with coconut oil instead of butter 

Coconut oil is a great basic for all different kinds of salty and sweet dishes (Healthy Coconut Curry recipe). Because of its high smoke point and the stable saturated fat it’s a great option for baking and frying because it’s not losing its nutrients when heated. It is also the perfect diary free alternative to butter.

2. Add it to smoothies for creaminess

You can perfectly use coconut oil in your daily smoothies. Simply add one to two teaspoons of coconut oil. Especially if you don’t like the taste of it but still want to get the benefits, this is the perfect way to hide it.

3. Add it to your coffee for an energy boost

Yes, this might sound a bit weird. But it has become vey popular. I personally like to put one teaspoon of coconut oil into my espresso. It gives you an energy kick whenever you need it and speeds up your metabolism. To avoid the oil swimming on top of the coffee you can blend it and it becomes a very creamy and rich consistency. You can also add honey or maple sirup and I promise this is going to be so much better and healthier than any Starbucks coffee. Of course, this works with tea as well.

4. A spoon full

Cravings? Just eat a spoon full of coconut oil from the fridge. The tropical flavor of coconut makes you forget other cravings and is super healthy.

5. Use coconut oil as make up remover

It’s absolutely perfect to remove mascara and eye make-up. Simply put it with your fingertips on your eye lids and lashes and all the make-up comes off. Remove the rest with a wet cotton pad. It smells great, doesn’t burn in the eyes and moreover it’s nutritional for your skin. Also, one glass of coconut oil last forever, which makes it a cheap and smart substitute for chemical make up removers.

6. Moisturize your body and hair

Use coconut oil for dry hair and skin. It’s great for cuticles, elbows, heels, dry skin around the eyes or simply massage it into the ends of your hair.

7. The best massage oil ever 

Coconut oil is all natural, has a great smell and at the same time moisturizes your body.

8. Tropical lip balm

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your lips. But because it’s very oily you  might not want to wear it outside. My solution: put it on before going to bed and it’s like a moisturizing overnight mask for soft lips.

9. Make it a body scrub

Use the equal amount of coconut oil and the suger of your choice. I use brown sugar because I usually have it at home. Mix both ingredients and scrub it on your body and feet and rinse. Your skin will have that great silky feeling afterwards. You can easily store this mixture in an air tight jar. This also serves as a great idea for a super fast and homemade gift. Add some essential oils to the mixture and give it your very own touch, alternatively to sugar you can use Himalayan crystal salt.

10. Shaving lotion 

This is the perfect way to make your hair very soft for shaving and at the same time moisturize your skin.

What kind of coconut oil to use? 

There are many different qualities of coconut oil out there, the most popular difference is whether the oil is refined or unrefined. I personally recommend to use the unrefined virgin coconut oil. This way you can be sure it’s natural and comes from raw and fresh coconuts without any chemical processes involved. I usually buy the one from Alnatura, which is in Switzerland available at Migros.

Did you already know coconut oil? What are your favorite ways of using it? Do you have more tipps and tricks? Leave a comment, I’m curious to hear about your experience!

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