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Surfing Fuerteventura

It was a rainy Sunday in October when me and my flatmate were sitting in that cozy little café Filou & Bengel in my home town Lucerne. It just started to get cold outside, summer was definitely over and wintertime depression was setting in. Conveniently, we both had one week of holidays left. And since we just recently started surfing, we decided to go to Fuerteventura. It’s the longest of the seven canary islands that politically belong to Spain but geographically and climatically form part of Africa.

Karma Foodie Blog El Cotillo Beach

Ocean breeze

We decided to join a Surf Camp in the north of the island because the waves are supposed to be great and the north of Fuerteventura is said to be much nicer than the south. There are a lot of surf camps in the area and basically, they all offer the same. It’s almost impossible to decide. We checked reviews on Tripadvisor, but also there it seems it’s more or less the same for all the schools.  So, because we were looking for a little break from civilization, we decided for a Surf Camp in the small village El Cotillo. From what we read about El Cotillo, there was nothing else to do except for surfing, relaxing and eating. Perfect! We booked our surf camp at the Star Surf School. Because the surf house was already full we had to book the option with the own apartment. At first we were a bit sad to not stay with the other surfers but this was definitely forgotten when we saw the apartment. It was absolutely perfect and it was unexpectedly huge. We had two separate rooms, a balcony and even a rooftop terrace with sunbeds and a grill for barbecues. From the apartment, we could see and hear the ocean.
Karma Foodie Fuerteventura

Karma Foodie Fuerteventura

Catching those waves

Surfing Fuerteventura started just the morning after we arrived. The lessons were in groups from 6 to 8 people and it was a good start into the holidays, to get into the water and to meet other people. However, after the 3 surf lessons that were included in the package, we just rented two boards and cruised around on our own for the rest of the week. We enjoyed to be independent and plan our days according to how we felt like doing. We both have an intermediate surfing level, meaning that we are able to get up on our feet and steer a bit. If the waves are cute we go for the green waves but if they are too big we would just surf the white water. Punta Blanca is definitely a great spot to do both, depending on the swell and the tide. It’s also the perfect spot for long boards. The only issue there is that the surf schools usually invade this spot and that you have to paddle a lot. Just next to it is Punta Gorda, which is a left and a very good spot for advanced and intermediate surfers with less paddling. We also surfed at El Hierro and La Caleta, two great spots at the time we were there. So that was for the reef breaks we surfed. There is also a beach break at El Cotillo beach, which is great for beginners to catch the white water without paddling. The wave is also great for advanced surfers with short boards to practice a very quick take off, however it’s a close out and definitely not a spot for long boards. And not to forget, if you’re tired from surfing it’s also a great spot to just relax and enjoy the sun, read a book and watch the beautiful sunset.


Karma Foodie Blog Star Surf Camp

Karma Foodie Fuerteventura

Karma Foodie Blog Fuerteventura
Salt in the air, sand in my hair.

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