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Vegan Coconut Curry – healthy and quick

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Sometimes it has to go quick, but you still want to eat healthy. Try out this super quick, tasty Vegan Coconut Curry recipe. It’s also great to bring with you in a plastic container (like a Tupperware). I used to prepare this in the evening and bring it for lunch the other day. If you have a microwave at school or work you can simply heat it up. Or eat it cold as a salad, it still tastes great. Continue Reading

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Coconut oil: 10 ways of using it in everyday life

Coconut oil is something that I just recently discovered but now could not think of a life without it. This oil has a lot of benefits, not only when cooking with it but also for external use on your hair and skin. It is made up of medium chain tryglicerides (MCT’s) and saturated fat. So the good type of fat which has a lot of positive impacts on your body and gives you energy (instead of storing it as fat). Yay!

There are countless ways how you can use coconut oil, this is the list of my top 10…

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The Alkaline Detox

Why detox?

In the beginning of this year, I would not have considered myself a vegan nor a vegetarian. I was eating just “normal”. But l always liked to experiment with food. I use to read about nutrition and then directly try new things out to see if they work and if there are impacts on my body and my well-being. Lately, I’m obsessed with reading about alkaline nutrition, detoxing and trying out vegan recipes. Continue Reading

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El Cotillo – In the north of Fuerteventura

Foodie moments.

There is no great holiday without that little coffee shop where you go every morning to get your cappuccino. Just across the street of our apartment in el Cotillo there was this place called El Goloso. People would line up to get their café con leche and their french croissants at this place. That is what we did on the two first days as well, not fully happy…but it seemed to be the only place for breakfast. Until we discovered El Mentidero by chance. Continue Reading

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Surfing Fuerteventura

It was a rainy Sunday in October when me and my flatmate were sitting in that cozy little café Filou & Bengel in my home town Lucerne. It just started to get cold outside, summer was definitely over and wintertime depression was setting in. Conveniently, we both had one week of holidays left. And since we just recently started surfing, we decided to go to Fuerteventura. Continue Reading

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Healthy Avocado Montaditos

I’ve always been a huge fan of avocado and even more since I lived on the Canary islands. It was also in Tenerife when I started to eat corn crackers (in Switzerland e.g from Alnatura or Jamadu) almost on a daily basis because they are just a perfect snack and you can combine them with almost everything. So practical and so healthy. They are a good alternative to bread, low in calories and fat, easy to bring with you and they won’t go bad. So of course one day I started to combine the two, and it turned out to become one of my favorite snacks. Enjoy! Continue Reading